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Look, if posing naked were empowering, then the rich men who run the world would be lining up for it. We would be awash in naked dick shots of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates and Barack Obama; magazines would be filled with male politicians and financiers and moguls with their bits hanging out. Softly lit, perhaps; head coyly tilted, bunny tail on the ass. Power.
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For women, Disney princesses introduce us to our roles before sex is in the picture, and pornography and mainstream media finish off that death of authentic sexuality usually before we have even had our first sexual encounter with a male. We know how to arch our backs, moan like porn stars, and bat our eyes often before puberty. We know which restrictive, revealing, and often debilitating clothing to strap on to strut our stuff with a face painted by make-up while we are still in elementary school, and we begin this ritualized, inauthentic routine as soon as we hit high school. We are explicitly defined by the culture as the class of people that the other class of people will eventually penetrate, and our worth is rated by how much that other class wants to penetrate us. (via celestia)

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